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First General Accessible Home Division is your one-stop property renovation company located in Ottawa, Canada, that is proudly making homes and business spaces more accessible for the elderly and people with disabilities.

We provide our clients with the accessibility options, such as modifying your current space, adding an in-law suite, or alternatively, we can design a new home from the ground up if you are looking at a new build.

Return On Investment

With the rising costs of living in a longterm care home, the investment of upgrading your current home to become accessible makes sense. Families could save upwards of tens of thousands of dollars a year by making the changes within their existing property versus moving into a longterm care facility. In some cases, you could recoup your money in as little as a year.

We also provide options for government savings on the conversion of your home to help put more savings in your pocket.

Our team understands the need and want to stay at home or create a space that allows you to maintain your independence. Going into a retirement home is something that should require a lot of thought and if staying in your current space with alterations is available to you should also be strongly considered.

Flexibility in your daily routine and schedule, not having to sell your house and some belongings, no need to rent storage space, allowing your home to appreciate and having the familiarity of your surroundings are all major factors when deciding the right path for you and your loved ones.

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