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First General Accessible Home Division

Creating a space that has the ability to allow the elderly and people with disabilities to be more independent while calling it their own is our main focus.

Our goal is to help individuals and families transform their homes into more comfortable and accessible living spaces. We keep in mind that maintaining the resale value to the entire market is a key component to the overall design to help maximize your return on investment when the time comes to sell your home.


What We Do

Residential Accessible Renovation

Residential Accessible Renovation

Commercial Accessible Renovation

Commercial Accessible Renovation

Individual Needs Assessment
In & Out Property Evaluation
Access Modification Assessment

Why Choose Us

Now more than ever, people want to stay in the comfort of their own home. The rising costs of retirement homes and assisted living, along with healthcare issues in multi-residential buildings, creates long term mental, emotional and financial stress.

While we understand the need for long term care housing, the long term costs far outweigh the cost of a renovation to your home, and if done properly, it can also increase the value and marketability.

  • 35 Years of Experience: We are experts in the construction industry and understand your requirements in a better way.
  • Improved Quality Of Life: Our renovation end result allows someone to have a better quality of life in their home.

We Serve

  • Ottawa
  • Cornwall
  • Hawkesbury
  • Rockland
  • Brockville
  • Kemptville,
  • Smiths Falls
  • Carleton Place
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We are a call away!
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Ottawa Office

1403 Triole St.
Ottawa, ON-K1B 4T4
Phone: 613-745-3009
Toll Free: 1-877-225-6088
Email: inquieries@firstgeneral.ca

Cornwall Office

330 Tytown Rd.
Cornwall, ON-K6H 5T3
Phone: 613-931-1547
Email: inqueries@firstgeneral.ca